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– one of the most frequently misunderstood aspects of publishing.


We can provide experienced and reliable writers for most types of writing assignment, and manage their work through to completion. Copyright ownership and publishing rights will usually be assigned to the client.

Drawing on our extensive list of freelance writers, we can assign subject matter specialists, academics, professional writers or instructional design specialists to your project and brief them carefully to ensure they meet the requirements accurately and on time. 

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Our copy editors will apply a consistent and high-quality editorial finish to your materials. They will address issues such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, omissions, weak writing style and so on.

If you have a house style, we will follow it. If you haven’t got one, Wordhouse can develop a new one for you.

Style editing and rewriting

If a more substantive edit is needed, our style editors can carry out more significant rewrites and improvements to help you get the message across. Style editors can work with material produced by weak writers, or with technical specialists who do not claim to have great writing skills.

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Design and layout

At final draft stage (or preferably much, much earlier in the creative process), a good text or information designer can transform a good piece of writing into a totally professional publication.

Good text design ensures that a document communicates its message or information clearly and effectively, with an attractive style suited to its purpose. Wordhouse text designers have experience of a wide range of publications, including learning materials, reference and information works, and publicity and promotional pieces.

Illustration and picture research

Commissioning illustrators and photographers, or searching picture and photo libraries for just the right illustration to accompany your text, can be very difficult. Wordhouse has the skills and experience to make this as painless as possible for you.

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Copyright and permissions

Copyright is one of the most frequently misunderstood aspects of publishing. Copyright infringement mistakes can be costly. Wordhouse can take the pain out of identifying material which is protected, finding the copyright owner, negotiating permission for its use (and fees, if payable) and ensuring the correct acknowledgements are made.


An index (not to be confused with a contents list, which has a different purpose) is an invaluable navigational tool in almost any kind of publication. Wordhouse employs indexing professionals who can create a tailor-made index for each publication bearing in mind the needs of the user.

Image of the index section of a textbookImage of an index page showing the entry 'index'

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Accurate and systematic proofreading is a key component in a professional publication – whatever the medium of delivery. Wordhouse's skilled proof readers will ensure that your materials are as error-free as possible.