Market Research & Instructional Design

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The early stages of any learning content development project are always the most important. We can help you in these crucial early steps through:

Market research

If there is a new learning, training or educational market you wish to explore, or a specific set of questions you want to address to your customer base, Wordhouse can carry out the research to help in your decision making. We have experience of conducting focus groups, interviews, surveys, desk research and a range of other quantitative and qualitative methods.

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Learning needs analysis

We can carry out a review of learning and development needs (sometimes also called a 'training needs analysis') for internal staff or for external students, members or customers – depending on the needs of your organisation. The review considers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that the people need, and how to develop them effectively.

Instructional design

Working from your brief, or a learning needs analysis, Wordhouse instructional designers can design a complete learning programme, or just the materials component, taking care to identify the methods and medium best suited to the learning requirement and budget.


Instructional design is generally defined as the process by which programmes of instruction are designed or improved through the analysis of learning needs and the systematic development of learning materials.