Media & Methods


The principles of good learning design apply to all types of material...

We have experience of developing learning materials for a wide range of methods and media, including:

Distance learning

Wordhouse can design open, distance and flexible learning material for a wide range of users, qualifications and learning needs. The principles of good learning design apply to all types of material, but the learning approach and methodology can be varied to suit the budget, environment, delivery methods and preferences of the learners and providers. We can design and produce:

  • stand-alone printed workbooks
  • mixed-media packs
  • complete programmes of e-learning or blended learning material.

image of a textbook entitled 'Distance Learning Programme' Image of cover of distance learning pack

Image of young professor leading a trainer-training sessionImage of a young professor training adults

Training material

If you need training guides or manuals, trainer-training material, or resources for trainer-led sessions, Wordhouse can design and deliver them for you, leaving you and your people free to focus on delivering, selling or managing the training. We have produced materials for pre- and post-course support, as well as practical work-based manuals for a range of different industrial and business settings.

Textbooks, courseware and VLEs

Wordhouse has produced learning materials for educational and academic providers and understands how to design them for maximum effectiveness. We can produce:

  • textbooks with accompanying website resources
  • course packs comprising materials from a range of sources
  • e-learning programmes suitable for uploading to a range of different virtual learning environments (VLEs).

Image of a textbook Wordhouse has recently helped publishImage of a market- leading textbook

Image of young student studying onlineImage of a young student studying online


The term ‘e-learning’ means different things to different people. To us it means applying the same sound principles of learning design that should be applied to all good quality learning materials, and then deciding on the precise mix of digital delivery media to suit to the learning needs, aims, environment and budget.