Publishing Management

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We can manage all stages of the publishing  process, including:


Commissioning and managing writers

Whether developing materials from scratch, or revising existing materials, Wordhouse can identify freelance writers or technical specialists and commission them to write in a style and approach matched to your needs.

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Publishing project management

Once writers are commissioned, Wordhouse can manage all stages of the publishing project, right through to the delivery of bound copies or electronic master. This may involve co-ordinating the work of any combination of the following range of suppliers:

  • copy editors
  • design and layout specialists
  • proofreaders
  • illustrators
  • copyright and permissions specialists
  • indexers
  • printers, binders and finishers
  • content management specialists
  • website designers
  • e-learning materials developers.

Print and production management

Whether your priority is quality, price, flexibility or speed – or any combination of these – Wordhouse will find the best printer and materials for the job. We will then manage all production suppliers – printers, binders, finishers, packaging manufacturers, and so on – and ensure your stock is delivered to the right place, at the right time and to agreed specifications and price.

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